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The NHS- Not Safe in Their Hands.

Last month, with the antics of the honourable member for Mid Bedfordshire providing a useful distraction, the House of Commons passed a bill that outlined several radical changes to the structure of the NHS.  Most dramatically it removed the duty … Continue reading

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The Lib Dems in government part 5: the secret tapes edition

Just before the general election I went to a hustings in my hometown, with my parents and some family friends. This was just after the first leaders debate and the outbreak of Cleggmania. Our constituency had been represented, for the … Continue reading

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Killed With Kindness?

Not too long ago, Frances Inglis reappeared in the headlines, with her failed appeal against her conviction for murder. For those who don’t remember, she killed her 22 year old son, Thomas Inglis, by injecting him with heroin after he … Continue reading

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A little bit of made-up swearing

Having been absent from this blog for some time, I had intended to take the opportunity provided by the Christmas holiday to knock out several posts. However, my parents have decided that the present weather is not completely incompatible with … Continue reading

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Naughty and NICE

In the week that saw the wrecking of the Conservative party headquarters by student demonstrators the Coalition Government continued, more quietly, in its ongoing project of vandalism against the machinery of the British state. This time it’s the National Institute … Continue reading

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The Rules of War

Two significant stories have emerged over the past week relating to the western military presence in Afghanistan. The first is the publication of nearly 90, 000 American military files detailing incidents that occurred in Afghanistan, between 2002 and 2009, by … Continue reading

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And the elder shall serve the younger…

As Cory wrote on Sunday, Ed Miliband has been declared leader of the Labour Party, winning the Party’s leadership contest by the slimmest possible of margins. It was the result that we had hoped for and predicted (although now is … Continue reading

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