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5 Lessons Labour should take from the Republicans

I’m carving a niche out for myself as someone who can offer historical parallels to today’s political situation. Finally putting that history degree to good use. I’m on Progress today talking about what Labour should learn from the Republican shambles. … Continue reading

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I’m on the New Statesman website!

One of the reasons I left full-time class teaching was so I had more time to write. I’m therefore very excited that I’m on The Staggers website today, arguing that mass movements do not win elections. There’s some lively debate … Continue reading

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Not Enough Champagne Episode #10: Too many tweets make a what?

Did Facebook win the 2015 election for the Conservatives? Steve analyses the social media strategies of Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems and we discuss the effectiveness of each one. We then talk about the downsides of social media. Cory discusses academic research … Continue reading

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Janina Ramirez on Julian of Norwich

We know very little about Julian of Norwich. You can tell this a few minutes into Janina Ramirez’s documentary on the fourteenth-century mystic. She travels to the British Museum to see a crucifix in the style of one Julian might … Continue reading

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Keep your friends close, but your enemies abroad

This first appeared on Not Enough Champagne. For someone who has become Prime Minister because she was seen as a safe pair of hands, Theresa May has made an incredibly bold start to her Premiership. May has become Prime Minister … Continue reading

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