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Why No Platform is illiberal and misconceived

As an adjoiner to my previous post on multiculturalism, I wanted to write a piece on why the No Platform Policy is illiberal and misconceived. It’s something I’ve had strong views on for a while – I spoke at my … Continue reading

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Killed With Kindness?

Not too long ago, Frances Inglis reappeared in the headlines, with her failed appeal against her conviction for murder. For those who don’t remember, she killed her 22 year old son, Thomas Inglis, by injecting him with heroin after he … Continue reading

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Out of apathy cometh…well, nothing actually

It’s hard being a politically-engaged young person in modern Britain. For a start, we seem to be in a minority. Voting has not become a habit for the younger generation in the way it was for their parents and grandparents. … Continue reading

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Loose Cannons

A note of warning: one of the pictures on this article isn’t nice. If you’re a bit squeamish, then be prepared to scroll past it rather quickly. At the moment it’s hard to know for certain whether “Britain’s most liberal … Continue reading

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“You can’t handle the truth!” – A look at Wikileaks

 These abuses had been going on perfectly well for years. What people hated was being told about it. (Sir Humphrey Appleby, The Compassionate Society). I had a half-formed piece about Wikileaks from August, around the time they released thousands of … Continue reading

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