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Pic of the day

                Pakistan’s cricket manager Yawar Saeed is the chap on the right reading The News of the World, at Lord’s yesterday. It’s good to know that they seem to know as much about … Continue reading

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Want a solution? There’s no quick fix

I’ve never felt so numb after an England win, which is heart-breaking for me, especially at the end of such a brilliant Test. We should be remembering it for the humdinger of a second day: Amir’s bowling to reduce England … Continue reading

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Our futile war on drugs

This is the fuller version of an article I submitted to Broad Left Blogging on Channel 4’s Our Drugs War. I used to think that making certain drugs illegal was a good idea. This film is about why I’ve changed … Continue reading

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The Lib Dems in government part 3 – How have they done so far?

The latest installment in a very occasional series. Part 4 is “in the can”, so to speak, which is me gazing into a crysal ball. This post will critique the Lib Dem’s record in government so far: When I first … Continue reading

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Funny Friday (5) – “Aggers for goodness sake stop it”

It’s rather late in the summer for it, but there’s actually a Test Match at Lord’s going on at the moment. So it seems a perfect time to post one of the most famous – and funny – cricket commentary clips … Continue reading

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Guest post – The Deficit Buster

by Hannah In a bizarre move last week, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats held a joint press conference attacking the last Government’s economic record. At the same time the Conservative’s launched this video: which seeks to pass the buck for its … Continue reading

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An exploration through the turd-strewn swamp that is the “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate

There have been two stories floating around the news agenda recently that I have wanted to write about. It’s taken this long because I only got round to watching Richard Dawkins’s documentary on Tuesday. The two incidents are useful to … Continue reading

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