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Chris Huhne has got a terrible lion up his end

Chris Huhne is right in it, if reports in the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday are to be believed. This is from the Staggers blog on the New Statesman: Following last week’s story that Huhne asked an associate to … Continue reading

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The epic AV Referendum post-mortem blog: Evil triumphs when the good are led by incompetent halfwits

This is a lengthy and cathartic postmortem of the AV Referendum campaign. Parts of it (especially the bits about how the Yes campaign could have won) are based on the insights of staff and fellow volunteers in our marvellous Birmingham … Continue reading

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Vote Yes today!

Just vote, OK? You’ve heard all of the arguments why on this blog. The NO campaign have no arguments. There’s been no attempt to defend First Past the Post. They’ve said AV would be a roadblock to further reform, when … Continue reading

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Why people in favour of PR should vote for AV

Jim Jepps of The Daily (Maybe) generously allowed me to write a guest post for his blog explaining why people in favour of PR should still vote for AV. You can see the original, complete with an interesting discussion, here. … Continue reading

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Those Tory advertising slogans in full

A few days ago I suggested that Winnergate was the start of this government contracting out soundbites by planting subliminal advertising messages for products in the middle of government speeches. Ahem. Inspired by that blog, some loyal readers who have … Continue reading

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