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The Murdochs at the Select Committee: what you missed

Committee member: What is your name? James Murdoch: That’s a very good question, and I intend to answer it in full. I’m afraid I don’t have the full answer to hand at the moment. You must remember that my name … Continue reading

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Guest post by God: His resignation statement over phone hacking

God called a Press Conference in Heaven today, in which he resigned over his role in the phone hacking scandal. Paperback Rioter reproduces the full text of the statement below. You can read more from God here. It is with … Continue reading

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Hackgate: When Life Imitates Yes, Minister

Events are unfolding too quickly for them to be written about. At the moment all I can think to do is to post this from Yes, Minister. It’s from The Whiskey Priest. If you don’t have it on DVD I’m … Continue reading

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Paperback Rioter’s exclusive interview with just about everybody who has something to say about Johann Hari

Paperback Rioter has had a quiet few weeks. Today, I can finally reveal what has been happening in that time. I’ve been travelling the country interviewing journalists, bloggers and activists for this post on the Johann Hari plagiarism scandal. First … Continue reading

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Chris Huhne has got a terrible lion up his end

Chris Huhne is right in it, if reports in the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday are to be believed. This is from the Staggers blog on the New Statesman: Following last week’s story that Huhne asked an associate to … Continue reading

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Those Tory advertising slogans in full

A few days ago I suggested that Winnergate was the start of this government contracting out soundbites by planting subliminal advertising messages for products in the middle of government speeches. Ahem. Inspired by that blog, some loyal readers who have … Continue reading

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My normblog profile

I’m very honoured to have been asked by Norman Geras to answer questions for a normblog profile. You can find my answers here.

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