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5 Lessons Labour should take from the Republicans

I’m carving a niche out for myself as someone who can offer historical parallels to today’s political situation. Finally putting that history degree to good use. I’m on Progress today talking about what Labour should learn from the Republican shambles. … Continue reading

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I’m on the New Statesman website!

One of the reasons I left full-time class teaching was so I had more time to write. I’m therefore very excited that I’m on The Staggers website today, arguing that mass movements do not win elections. There’s some lively debate … Continue reading

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Keep your friends close, but your enemies abroad

This first appeared on Not Enough Champagne. For someone who has become Prime Minister because she was seen as a safe pair of hands, Theresa May has made an incredibly bold start to her Premiership. May has become Prime Minister … Continue reading

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The NHS- Not Safe in Their Hands.

Last month, with the antics of the honourable member for Mid Bedfordshire providing a useful distraction, the House of Commons passed a bill that outlined several radical changes to the structure of the NHS.  Most dramatically it removed the duty … Continue reading

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“The noises of destruction, flying all around…”

Over the past three days, two different types of rioting has been going on. The first, and far more serious, looting has been the smashing, looting and burning of scores of businesses across London. The second type is people pilfering … Continue reading

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Hackgate: When Life Imitates Yes, Minister

Events are unfolding too quickly for them to be written about. At the moment all I can think to do is to post this from Yes, Minister. It’s from The Whiskey Priest. If you don’t have it on DVD I’m … Continue reading

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So let me get this straight…

The police are investigating both the police who were investigating the journalists and those journalists themselves. And those journalists were bribing police officers and hacking phones. The police, or the journalists, or neither, covered up the bribes and the phone … Continue reading

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