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The power of cricket

I have never understood those who belittle the importance of sport. Often these people tend to be irritable lefties who write about how football is the opiate of the masses, and a distraction from more important issues. This piece from … Continue reading

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In Defence of Referees: Why Arsene Wenger can bugger off

There are two things that annoy me most about football. The first is when Arsenal fans (and Arsene Wenger especially) seem to think they are entitled to success simply because they have a nice way of playing football. It’s become … Continue reading

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A pictorial representation of just how excited I am about the Cricket World Cup

According to the counter on the Cricinfo website, the Cricket World Cup starts in approximately 8 hours time. I think the picture below represents my level of excitement about this prospect at the moment: If Test cricket is a four … Continue reading

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Thank you Colly

I found one of my best friends at university through cricket. At a flat party in Freshers Week we refused the joint that was being passed around and instead talked about our shared love of Mike Atherton. We ended up … Continue reading

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2010 Dick of the Year: Wayne Rooney

The very last post of 2010 *sobs* I wrote this for Bright Green Scotland; it’s my nomination for 2010’s Dick of the Year. Enjoy! I’m not nominating Wayne Rooney because of his woeful World Cup performances. As Bill Bailey has … Continue reading

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Paperback Rioter’s Review of 2010

This is the seemingly obligatory end-of-year roundup. Like this blog, this review does not intend to be comprehensive or systematic, and instead hopes to be personal and idiosyncratic. With that in mind, let’s roll: Worst moment of 2010: After delivering … Continue reading

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My exclusive report on the first day of the Ashes having not watched any play whatsoever

Peter Bloody Siddle. That is all. At least, until I watch the ITV4 highlights.

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