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Better dead than Red Ed

John Lennon once infamously said of Ringo Starr that he wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles. In a similar vein, you could probably say of Ed Miliband that he wasn’t even the best Labour leader in his own … Continue reading

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The epic AV Referendum post-mortem blog: Evil triumphs when the good are led by incompetent halfwits

This is a lengthy and cathartic postmortem of the AV Referendum campaign. Parts of it (especially the bits about how the Yes campaign could have won) are based on the insights of staff and fellow volunteers in our marvellous Birmingham … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Barnsley Central: another Lib Dem disaster

Before anyone starts designing “Ed Miliband: Prime Minister in 2015” mugs, let’s remember that this was an average performance for Labour in Barnsley Central. Yes, they won 60.8% of the vote, but that’s almost exactly the same figure they won in … Continue reading

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No2AV plays the Nick Clegg card

It was obvious that No2AV were going to play the Nick Clegg card at some point. Seeing as he’s now one of the most unpopular men in Britain, tying him to the AV campaign was going to be something they … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband should lay off the personal smears (that’s our job)

Ed Miliband’s main problem at the moment is that he doesn’t come across as Prime Ministerial. I don’t mean this in the superficial sense, by how he looks or how he speaks. People can make fun of him all they … Continue reading

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It’s all about the Balls

First of all, it was great to see Ed Balls looking so solemn after Alan Johnson resigned as Shadow Chancellor yesterday. A cat trying very hard not to look as though it had gotten all the cream, Ed Balls was … Continue reading

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Old and Sad: Labour hold; Lib Dem disaster

So, at the end of all that, it’s a Labour hold. It feels like an anti-climactical end to a roller-coaster of an eight months for the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency. We’ve had one of the bitterest general election campaigns … Continue reading

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