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What can we learn from Liam Fox’s letter?

It’s time to shift focus from the Opposition to our coalition government. The Conservatives have their conference in Birmingham this week, and it’s likely that there’ll be much debate over spending cuts. The problems the government are having on this … Continue reading

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And the elder shall serve the younger…

As Cory wrote on Sunday, Ed Miliband has been declared leader of the Labour Party, winning the Party’s leadership contest by the slimmest possible of margins. It was the result that we had hoped for and predicted (although now is … Continue reading

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Red Ed Redemption

Ed Miliband gave a damned good speech today, and he needed to. After his brother’s excellent speech yesterday, many who had voted for Ed Miliband were probably wondering if they had made the right decision. This speech would have assured those who did vote Ed that they … Continue reading

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Musical Mondays (5) – Review of Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby Live

On my holiday in London last week I had this conversation about twice a day, on average: Them: What are you doing later this week? Me: Well, I’m seeing Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby on Friday. Them: Oh. (Pause) Never … Continue reading

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My Wishlist for Ed Miliband

Warning: The start of this blog contains some masturbatory self-congratulation. Please handle with care. In our predictions for the Labour Leadership Contest, Paperback Rioter wrote: The race between the Miliband brothers is tighter than Jamie Redknapp’s trousers. However, we predict that Ed will … Continue reading

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Late reflections on Coulson-gate

This is my first independent post on Paperback Rioter or indeed any blog, so please bear with any formatting hiccups. Here at Paperback Rioter we’ve had cause to discuss politicians behaving badly, the press behaving badly and the police behaving … Continue reading

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I’m back!

After a brilliant week in London, I’m now back and will be blogging again, thesis permitting. I went around London supported my faithful companion “Wheels”, my wonderful carrying case. Reminds me of this song:

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