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This has been the busiest week I can remember having for ages. Hence slow blogging. Which is a real shame, because there’s loads of half-formed posts I want to finish. I’m afraid I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, so there will … Continue reading

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Five Star apology

You will have to excuse my light posting. As I mentioned last week, it’s a busy time. But I do want to follow up on my post about bad journalism. The Daily Star have had to apologise for their non-story … Continue reading

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Fantastic Headlines, No 8

Thanks to my friend John Ritchie for posting this story on Facebook. I’d never have found this otherwise. From the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper you wouldn’t normally associate with OTT headlines. This one is a real gem though: “Transvestite had … Continue reading

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How women will circumvent the veil ban

Paperback Rioter can exclusively reveal how Muslim women in France are going to get round the ban on the niqab: The women’s groups I spoke to said it was an acceptable compromise, which cover their faces while also showing respect … Continue reading

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Lancashire cricketer sets record that will never be broken

It’s obviously all down to playing at Old Trafford for a couple of seasons. He’s not a chucker, he’s a unique talent and deserves all the acclaim he’s getting. Which is bucketloads.

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Blogging the Labour Leadership Contest, part 2 (the webchats)

By Hannah Last week I looked at the leadership candidates’ performance at a live hustings.  Now I’m going to look at their wider agendas as reported through the media, and in particular the live webchats they gave at the Guardian’s … Continue reading

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Bad Journalism: it’s not just a game

In moments of existential crisis, I often wonder if there’s any point in constantly cataloging the excesses of our delectable tabloids. This blog seems to be doing rather a lot of it. Even the Fantastic Headlines series, which I initially … Continue reading

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