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Would AV help the BNP?

With only five weeks to go until the AV Referendum, Yes2AV have unveiled their secret weapon: Baroness Warsi. Warsi is the chair of the Conservative Party, and judging by her recent comments she is a Yes2Av double agent masquerading as … Continue reading

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Marching for the Alternative: A protest of two halves

The first thing to say about the march: it was a helluva lot of people. In the small world of parochial politics, getting fifteen people to a meeting is great, and getting 35-40 for a talk on campus is impressive. Estimates … Continue reading

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The Budget: it’ll take more than deregulation to stimulate growth

George Osborne made it clear very early on in his Budget speech that it would be “fiscally neutral”. This meant there were no large-scale tax cuts or any rises in public spending. You see the key points here. I don’t … Continue reading

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The impact of the spending cuts: an e-interview with Kate Belgrave

In the run-up to today’s Budget and the March for the Alternative this Saturday I’m writing a few bits and pieces on the impending spending cuts. Below is an e-interview conducted with Kate Belgrave. Kate has been travelling the country … Continue reading

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“But there’s no danger. It’s a professional career” – Humanitarian intervention in Libya

“Doing precisely what we’ve done eighteen times before is exactly the last thing they’ll expect us to do this time.” – General Melchett, Blackadder Goes Forth. The debates over whether we should intervene in Libya have been another opportunity for … Continue reading

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Yes to Fairer Votes Blog

You can read my blog on the Youth Says Yes event we organised at the University of Birmingham at the Yes to Fairer Votes website. I’m in the TV footage at about two minutes in – I’m the chap in … Continue reading

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I do my David Dimbleby impression again…

If you’re in Birmingham and have nothing to do this evening, why not come to the University of Birmingham’s Yes to Fairer Votes Society’s Question Time-style discussion on “The Coalition Government: Ten Months On” The Facebook link to the event is … Continue reading

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