Those Tory advertising slogans in full

A few days ago I suggested that Winnergate was the start of this government contracting out soundbites by planting subliminal advertising messages for products in the middle of government speeches. Ahem.

Inspired by that blog, some loyal readers who have far too much time on their hands friends of mine have come up with a load more slogans that the coalition can use.

“And this government is cutting corporate tax. To big business, we say, you’re worth it.”

‎”I can’t believe it’s not privatised.”

An Atos healthcare spokesman says, “Need an operation? We’ve got an app for that.”

“Stay at home mothers, they’re ggrreeeatt!”

“And Jeremy Hunt said to Rupert Murdoch, wasssup?!”

“Jeremy Hunt, does exactly what it says on the tin.”

George Osborne said on continuing poor growth figures, “we won’t make a drama out of a crisis.”

The man from Delmonte says Yes (to fairer votes.)

On Baroness Warsi David Cameron said, “a dog is for life not just for Christmas.”

Ashcroft, the world’s local bank.

The Welfare Reform Bill, not everything in black and white makes sense.

Nick Clegg used to believe that good things come to those who wait.

Coalition whipping boys come in 57 varieties.

Birmingham University, reassuringly expensive.

Thanks to Emilie for those. And Ben, of Brum Yes to Fairer Votes, came up with this gem:

“Before you hastily judge our public sector spending cuts, you should compare our plans with the alternatives put forward by those in opposition. Go on, go compare! GO COMPAAAAAAARE!…”

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One Response to Those Tory advertising slogans in full

  1. 21stcenturypillock says:

    Two spring to mind.

    Just Do It, pack your things and leave your job.

    Going Further in Higher Education So You Don’t Have To.

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