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Thoughts on Barnsley Central: another Lib Dem disaster

Before anyone starts designing “Ed Miliband: Prime Minister in 2015” mugs, let’s remember that this was an average performance for Labour in Barnsley Central. Yes, they won 60.8% of the vote, but that’s almost exactly the same figure they won in … Continue reading

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The Lib Dems in government part 5: the secret tapes edition

Just before the general election I went to a hustings in my hometown, with my parents and some family friends. This was just after the first leaders debate and the outbreak of Cleggmania. Our constituency had been represented, for the … Continue reading

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Paperback Rioter’s Review of 2010

This is the seemingly obligatory end-of-year roundup. Like this blog, this review does not intend to be comprehensive or systematic, and instead hopes to be personal and idiosyncratic. With that in mind, let’s roll: Worst moment of 2010: After delivering … Continue reading

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Fantastic Headlines, No 10

Another entry from the Daily Telegraph. Perhaps not strictly “fantastic”, but the headline amused me: Jar of Marmite costs more than a gallon of petrol A fiver for 500g of Marmite! Maybe this is my inner Northerner coming out, but … Continue reading

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Fantastic Headlines, No 8

Thanks to my friend John Ritchie for posting this story on Facebook. I’d never have found this otherwise. From the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper you wouldn’t normally associate with OTT headlines. This one is a real gem though: “Transvestite had … Continue reading

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