A little bit of made-up swearing

Having been absent from this blog for some time, I had intended to take the opportunity provided by the Christmas holiday to knock out several posts.

However, my parents have decided that the present weather is not completely incompatible with a 300 mile road journey to see family, so it looks like my views on the Lib Dems’ indiscretions shall have to wait until after the weekend.

As an entree to that I’ll reveal that I have become a little bit obsessed with the YouGov daily polls.

Watching the Liberal Democrats support flatline in single figures and the plunging Government approval ratings force the pollster to redraw the axes of its graph has engendered a certain guilty pleasure.

It was while poking around the YouGov site that I discovered this extraordinary poll on swearing on the television.

1539 people were given a list of swear words and asked whether they should be allowed on the television at any time, only certain times, or never at all. This elicited some surprising results.

Hearteningly, racial epithets were ranked up there with the dreaded c-word as the most highly offensive. Oddly, “wanker” is apparently, considered more offensive than “shit” by the British public, with 23% saying that it should be banned outright compared with 9%.

To my surprise I discovered that the authors of the poll had slipped in a word I had never heard of: “pimhole.”

Apparently, some 25% of respondents had not heard of it either, as they said that they didn’t know whether it should be permitted or not, higher than any other word. 23%, however, thought it was so offensive that it should be banned completely, placing it safely in the major league of swear words.

Imagine my surprise when I googled it to discover that it originated in an old Fry and Laurie sketch:

Merry Christmas!

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