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The Lib Dems in government part 5: the secret tapes edition

Just before the general election I went to a hustings in my hometown, with my parents and some family friends. This was just after the first leaders debate and the outbreak of Cleggmania. Our constituency had been represented, for the … Continue reading

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First thoughts on Cablegate (type 2)

What on earth did Vince Cable think he was doing? Is that how he talks to all his constituents? As far as he knew, they were two mothers asking questions about child benefit. Perhaps all Cable’s constituency meetings take a decidedly … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg makes a tin of spam look like a calculating political genius

In one sense, Nick Clegg has kept his word. I know, I can’t believe I’ve just written that sentence either. In an article for The Times specifiying the priorities the Lib Dems would have when brokering a deal to enter … Continue reading

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The Lib Dems in government (part 2) – Why aren’t they making more noise against cuts?

The latest post in a series on the Lib Dems in government. It’s been quite a difficult one to write, because uncovering the motives of senior Lib Dems is a difficult business. Still, here’s my take on why, perhaps, the … Continue reading

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What exactly is the point of a graduate tax?

Vince Cable has argued in favour of a graduate tax. So has Ed Miliband. Both see it as a fairer alternative to the current system. Under the current system: If you’re starting a full-time higher education course, the main types … Continue reading

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The Early Skirmishes

That last PMQs was typical of most I’ve seen with Gordon Brown. You end up being so frustrated with his evasive answering that you want to throw something at the television. The problem is that Brown is so much more … Continue reading

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