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Marching for the Alternative: A protest of two halves

The first thing to say about the march: it was a helluva lot of people. In the small world of parochial politics, getting fifteen people to a meeting is great, and getting 35-40 for a talk on campus is impressive. Estimates … Continue reading

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The Budget: it’ll take more than deregulation to stimulate growth

George Osborne made it clear very early on in his Budget speech that it would be “fiscally neutral”. This meant there were no large-scale tax cuts or any rises in public spending. You see the key points here. I don’t … Continue reading

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The impact of the spending cuts: an e-interview with Kate Belgrave

In the run-up to today’s Budget and the March for the Alternative this Saturday I’m writing a few bits and pieces on the impending spending cuts. Below is an e-interview conducted with Kate Belgrave. Kate has been travelling the country … Continue reading

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Mehdi Hasan: If I was Ed Miliband…

Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman is, without doubt, my favourite political journalist at the moment. He was great on Question Time a few weeks ago, and I quoted him in my blog on multiculturalism. He also proved why with … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Old and Sad (or: I’m so vain I probably think this by-election is about me)

It’s very unusual for my home town to be the centre of anything, so I have loved keeping tabs on the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election campaign. Voting in that takes place on January 13th, one week from today. The … Continue reading

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Naughty and NICE

In the week that saw the wrecking of the Conservative party headquarters by student demonstrators the Coalition Government continued, more quietly, in its ongoing project of vandalism against the machinery of the British state. This time it’s the National Institute … Continue reading

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Why Ginsters pasties prove that the spending cuts won’t work

Two seemingly trivial stories that appeared in the newspapers a few weeks ago actually could be of profound significance given the CSR (Comprehensive Spending Review) last week. The first involves clotted cream taking a 340-mile round trip to end up in a … Continue reading

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