Your indispensible tool for coping with the spending cuts

I posted this a few months ago, but the need for it to be on the blog’s home page seems to get more pressing as every day passes. So I’ve also put it up on the blog’s front page too. Complete with added kittens.

If you think today was a tough, depressing day, just think how gruelling the next few years will be when these hypothetical cuts become reality. I therefore propose that whenever you get too stressed, angry or upset about the spending cuts, you visit this page and look at the puppy.

Look at it sleeping there, very, very peacefully. How could any harm possible befall the world when there are extremely cute, sleeping puppies?

Not even George Osborne can ruin life for this puppy. Although you know he’d try.

When I first posted this, I had some complaints that it was a puppy, rather than some other fluffy animal. Paperback Rioter likes to be inclusive, so I’ve added some other animals as well. If kittens are more your thing, I hope this picture can take you to your happy place:

And finally, here is a rabbit, for those who are that way inclined:

I hope these images help you in some way to cope with the dark days we have ahead of us.


2 Responses to Your indispensible tool for coping with the spending cuts

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Simon Bishop, Cory Hazlehurst. Cory Hazlehurst said: Updated: your indispensible tool for coping with the spending cuts. Complete with added kittens. […]

  2. Laura says:

    I’m patial to a cute sloth picture, myself. Or a Slow Loris. Any kind of lethargic animal, really.

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