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The multiculturalism debate

I’ve written this post in response to a couple of comments on my earlier blog on multiculturalism. There were two main criticisms of it. The first was contesting that David Cameron had been pandering to far-right groups. I’ve responded to … Continue reading

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Why No Platform is illiberal and misconceived

As an adjoiner to my previous post on multiculturalism, I wanted to write a piece on why the No Platform Policy is illiberal and misconceived. It’s something I’ve had strong views on for a while – I spoke at my … Continue reading

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David Cameron should have just thrown a brick through a curry house window

I read David Cameron’s speech on multiculturalism last Saturday. At least, I assume it was the speech he gave. It sounded like the Cabinet Office had lost the full transcript of Cameron’s speech, and had replaced it on their website … Continue reading

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An exploration through the turd-strewn swamp that is the “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate

There have been two stories floating around the news agenda recently that I have wanted to write about. It’s taken this long because I only got round to watching Richard Dawkins’s documentary on Tuesday. The two incidents are useful to … Continue reading

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Funny Friday (4) We’ve got to stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

Usually, I’d use Funny Friday to show sketches or clips from sitcoms that I like, but an important part of humour is unintentional humour. Finding humour in crass and bigoted statements is part of my defence against reality. I think … Continue reading

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How women will circumvent the veil ban

Paperback Rioter can exclusively reveal how Muslim women in France are going to get round the ban on the niqab: The women’s groups I spoke to said it was an acceptable compromise, which cover their faces while also showing respect … Continue reading

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More on the veil

Although it would be best not to get too complacent, it seems there is very little chance of a ban on Muslim veils in Britain being imposed any time soon. Banning the wearing of the Islamic full veil in public would … Continue reading

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