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The Budget: it’ll take more than deregulation to stimulate growth

George Osborne made it clear very early on in his Budget speech that it would be “fiscally neutral”. This meant there were no large-scale tax cuts or any rises in public spending. You see the key points here. I don’t … Continue reading

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Mehdi Hasan: If I was Ed Miliband…

Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman is, without doubt, my favourite political journalist at the moment. He was great on Question Time a few weeks ago, and I quoted him in my blog on multiculturalism. He also proved why with … Continue reading

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Child benefit, sofa government and the principle of universalism

Philip Hammond defended the decision to remove universal child benefit as showing that the Conservatives are the natural party of government. The basis for this questionable logic was that the Tories were happy to take tough, correct but unpopular decisions … Continue reading

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Why Ginsters pasties prove that the spending cuts won’t work

Two seemingly trivial stories that appeared in the newspapers a few weeks ago actually could be of profound significance given the CSR (Comprehensive Spending Review) last week. The first involves clotted cream taking a 340-mile round trip to end up in a … Continue reading

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Your indispensable tool for coping with the spending cuts

If you think today was a tough, depressing day, just think how gruelling the next few years will be when these hypothetical cuts become reality. I therefore propose that whenever you get too stressed, angry or upset about the spending … Continue reading

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What the Tea Party and the British Left could learn from Tony Blair

I haven’t read A Journey yet – I will probably wait until it comes out in paperback. At the moment all I know of the book is derived from virtualstoa’s lengthly – and undoubtedly masochistic – tweet-by-tweet of it, as well … Continue reading

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The Government has taken leave of its census (guest post)

by Hannah The coalition Government is determined to enact the Conservative’s plans to wipe-out the Government deficit within its term of office.  According to Chancellor George Osbourne, this will entail 25% budget cuts across the Government, with some departments, potentially, … Continue reading

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