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Old and Sad: Labour hold; Lib Dem disaster

So, at the end of all that, it’s a Labour hold. It feels like an anti-climactical end to a roller-coaster of an eight months for the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency. We’ve had one of the bitterest general election campaigns … Continue reading

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Why you should vote Liberal Democrat in Oldham East and Saddleworth

The start of the second day of our online hustings. This article on why you should vote for Elwyn Watkins and the Liberal Democrats comes from Nick Thornsby, winner of Lib Dem Voice’s Best New Blog 2010. The Oldham East … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Old and Sad (or: I’m so vain I probably think this by-election is about me)

It’s very unusual for my home town to be the centre of anything, so I have loved keeping tabs on the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election campaign. Voting in that takes place on January 13th, one week from today. The … Continue reading

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Phil Woolas: still crazy after all these years

Apologies for not blogging sooner on the Phil Woolas news. I wasn’t sure what to say, until I heard the man himself speaking straight after leaving court last Friday. It’s very impressive: every sentence contains an inaccuracy. It therefore deserves … Continue reading

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Some people just don’t get it

On the whole, I’m heartened by Labour reactions to Phil Woolas’s expulsion from both Parliament and his Party. The reaction of the Parliamentary Labour Party has been an entirely different matter. This anger from Labour MPs depresses me more than … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Philip James Woolas

It is hard to think of a series of more cliched jobs for a Labour politician Phil Woolas could have had before becoming an MP. They cover the usual bases of student politics (President of the NUS), media work (a producer for … Continue reading

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Trouble at t’mill

I voted Lib Dem at the last election, for my sins, and even delivered leaflets for them in my home constituency of Oldham East and Saddleworth. One of the main reasons for me drifting from Labour to the Liberal Democrats … Continue reading

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