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The really sinister message behind “Winnergate”

Today was the first PMQs held after the Easter recess. Among the topics discussed were the NHS reforms and the economy. I assume that at some point MPs got close to discussing the issues, but to be honest I couldn’t … Continue reading

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It’s all about the Balls

First of all, it was great to see Ed Balls looking so solemn after Alan Johnson resigned as Shadow Chancellor yesterday. A cat trying very hard not to look as though it had gotten all the cream, Ed Balls was … Continue reading

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My Wishlist for Ed Miliband

Warning: The start of this blog contains some masturbatory self-congratulation. Please handle with care. In our predictions for the Labour Leadership Contest, Paperback Rioter wrote: The race between the Miliband brothers is tighter than Jamie Redknapp’s trousers. However, we predict that Ed will … Continue reading

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Our Labour Leadership Predictions

This is Cory and Hannah’s first collaborative post, as they start to morph into the Lennon and McCartney of political blogging. We jest of course: there’s no room at Paperback Rioter for that sort of hubris. Yet. Anyway, here are … Continue reading

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Blogging the Labour Leadership Contest Part 3 – The Sky News Hustings

The Labour Leadership Hustings on Sky News was rather interesting. I have seen so few campaign events this summer, because I thought that would be the best way to preserve my sanity, but I’m guessing that the slogans that the … Continue reading

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The Lib Dems in government (part 1.5)

I spent tonight catching up on some television. Nick Robinson’s “Five Days that Changed Britain” is an enjoyable, breezy tour through the coalition negotiations. I’m not sure it tells us anything we didn’t know already; for me it confirmed the views … Continue reading

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Blogging the Labour Leadership Contest, part 2 (the webchats)

By Hannah Last week I looked at the leadership candidates’ performance at a live hustings.  Now I’m going to look at their wider agendas as reported through the media, and in particular the live webchats they gave at the Guardian’s … Continue reading

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