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The multiculturalism debate

I’ve written this post in response to a couple of comments on my earlier blog on multiculturalism. There were two main criticisms of it. The first was contesting that David Cameron had been pandering to far-right groups. I’ve responded to … Continue reading

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Five Star apology

You will have to excuse my light posting. As I mentioned last week, it’s a busy time. But I do want to follow up on my post about bad journalism. The Daily Star have had to apologise for their non-story … Continue reading

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Bad Journalism: it’s not just a game

In moments of existential crisis, I often wonder if there’s any point in constantly cataloging the excesses of our delectable tabloids. This blog seems to be doing rather a lot of it. Even the Fantastic Headlines series, which I initially … Continue reading

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Daily Express – Letting in foreigners is bad enough. But GAY foreigners??? *splutters*

Two Good Things have happened this week. First, the police can no longer randomly stop and search individuals. Although intended to be a measure to help curb terrorists, in reality s44 was: a blanket and secretive power that has been … Continue reading

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