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Odds and Sods

It’s been a quiet week on the blog. I’m still not over a cold which has transmogrified into an ear infection, and Fairer Votes campaigning is taking up more and more of my time. This weekend I plan a mammoth … Continue reading

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Fantastic Headlines 24-28: Animals special

A bumper edition of the Fantastic Headlines series today. We have five of the cheeky beggars, and what’s more, they all involve animal stories. Harold Evans, when he was editor of the Sunday Times, said that “News is people.” Here … Continue reading

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Something to read

Sorry it’s been a bit slow here recently – I’ve had a spot of conjunctivitis and some thesis work to catch up on. Here’s something good to read though, from Jane Watkinson, which could easily fit in with my occasional … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Iraq: The End?

Hannah might be on holiday at the moment, but her dedication to Paperback Rioter remains. Here’s her take on the American withdrawal from Iraq: I’m on holiday in Paris at the moment.  So far we`ve managed to visit most of … Continue reading

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Some TV recommendations

First, if you haven’t watched Sherlock. Do so, now. (well, at the end of reading this, obviously). Benedict Cumberbatch auditions for the part of Doctor Who, and succeeds amazingly. A thought-provoking documentary was Our Drugs War, shown on Channel 4. … Continue reading

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The Lib Dems in government (part 1.5)

I spent tonight catching up on some television. Nick Robinson’s “Five Days that Changed Britain” is an enjoyable, breezy tour through the coalition negotiations. I’m not sure it tells us anything we didn’t know already; for me it confirmed the views … Continue reading

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Five Star apology

You will have to excuse my light posting. As I mentioned last week, it’s a busy time. But I do want to follow up on my post about bad journalism. The Daily Star have had to apologise for their non-story … Continue reading

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