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Guest post by God: His resignation statement over phone hacking

God called a Press Conference in Heaven today, in which he resigned over his role in the phone hacking scandal. Paperback Rioter reproduces the full text of the statement below. You can read more from God here. It is with … Continue reading

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That resignation blog post in full

It was surprising/inevitable/necessary/amazing that Alan Johnson/Andy Coulson resigned, because these: continuing revelations/unusual circumstances/scandals just showed that: he was useless at his job/he was too good at his job/his position was untenable/the speculation would never stop/it was a wonderful day to … Continue reading

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Fantastic Headlines, no 6

The best headlines implore you, almost force you, to read the story beneath them. Sometimes the best way to do that in the headline is to summarise the whole article and, in the words of Trevor Chaplin in The Beiderbecke Affair, “make up … Continue reading

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