Happy Birthday Paperback Rioter!

It’s a year to the day that a started this blog with a little introductory post. The General Election had been called the day before, and I needed somewhere to vent.

Think back to April 7th, 2010. Gordon Brown was Prime Minister. The Conservatives seemed certain to win with a handsome majority. Nick Clegg could say things like “there’s a real choice between the failed politics of Labour and the Conservatives and the new politics of the Liberal Democrats”, with a reasonably straight face.

Now we’re in our first peacetime coalition in eighty years, there’s a referendum on electoral reform, and dictatorships are falling all across the Middle East.

A year can seem like an eternity in politics. Or is it?

In Britain, one year ago, we had a neo-liberal government who had publicly committed to making tougher spending cuts than Thatcher. Now that government has been replaced with a neo-l… Oh.

Still, it does feel deep down somewhere in my bones that there’s a difference between a Labour and a Tory government. The Conservatives (and Liberal Democrats, let’s not forget) seem to be positively cheering on the fact that they’re getting rid of any half-decent measures that Labour introduced (EMA, Sure Start, etc etc).

Sadly, even hopes that this coalition would be better on civil liberties than Labour seem ill-founded. The Great Repeal Bill seems to be like House of Lords reform – it’ll happen tomorrow, some day, one day, never.

Anyway, all of that is a subject for later blogs.

Thanks to all of those people who pushed me back into blogging and who recommend or retweet my blogs. Also, great thanks must go to the people who read these scrawlings. It’s a very good feeling to get friends contacting me out of the blue to say how much they enjoy my blogging.

Also, thanks to Hannah and all the occasional guest bloggers who I’ve cajoled into writing for this site.

At a conservative estimate (c. 180 blogs at an average of about 400 words each) I’ve probably written about 70,000 words on here. It contains some of my best writing, and I’m rather proud of it.

Hopefully Paperback Rioter will go from strength to strength in this coming year as well. Thanks to those who read it.

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