Fantastic Headlines 44-46

I am giving my thesis the last rites. It should be finished on Saturday, all being well, and I shall blog about stuff other than Fantastic Headlines. But I know the series is popular, so here’s a batch of some more.

Firstly, Selina has found another corker:

The origin of this story, which I found via Liberal Burblings, appears to be the Evening Standard. I must admit, it’s one of my favourite headlines so far this year.

Next, we can always rely on Sky News for shit stories, and so it proves once more:

Dog Doctor Diagnoses Bowel Cancer in Japan

Apparently dogs can detect whether someone has bowel cancer or not just by sniffing their poo. What fun that must be for them.

Finally, from Charlie, who is becoming a good source for silly animal stories:

Jumping rabbits in Harrogate for ‘grand national’ event

What more is there to add?

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