Fantastic Headlines 31 and 32

A couple more Fantastic Headlines for your titilation.

First up is this from the BBC. You don’t often expect to see “laser” and “pirate” in the same sentence, which is precisely why this headline is fantastic:

Laser Cannon set to blind pirates

Our second fantastic headline comes from an Australian news source. Picture the scene. Your country is being devasted by tragic floods. The rivers are swelling up, and people are fearing for their lives, their possessions and their family.

What in the name of Phil Woolas would make you do this?

River rescue as sex toy ditches rider

Of course, you’d just ride a blow-up doll down a stormy river. As you do.

Just in case you were thinking of trying that at home, a police spokesman has said in a statement that “blow-up sex toys are not recognised flotation devices”.

It’s good to be reminded of that occasionally.

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4 Responses to Fantastic Headlines 31 and 32

  1. jim jepps says:

    I really like these – please do keep doing them!

  2. I’m praying it was in fact a blow-up sheep.

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