That resignation blog post in full

It was surprising/inevitable/necessary/amazing

that Alan Johnson/Andy Coulson resigned, because these:

continuing revelations/unusual circumstances/scandals

just showed that:

he was useless at his job/he was too good at his job/his position was untenable/the speculation would never stop/it was a wonderful day to bury bad news.

Furthermore, the resignation casts doubt on the judgement of Ed Miliband/David Cameron since he:

should have known he was a liability/looks like one of the chickens from Chicken Run/should never have appointed him in the first place.

Now Ed Miliband/David Cameron will have to find someone else who can:

remember what the tax rate is/suck up to Rupert Murdoch/do his sums/run communications at Number 10/attack the spending cuts with the savagery of a pack of psychopathic hounds on speed.

What this means is that life will go on as normal, but with:

more Balls/less phone-hacking/fewer gaffes

and the whole sorry affair will be:

swept under the carpet/quietly forgotten about/pursued by certain journalists and bloggers to its unseemly end.

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