Fantastic Headlines 29 and 30: Pearls from the Tabloids

I have a thesis to write, but the urge to blog. I’m sure those two facts are related. Any excuse for procrastination, eh? Still, I don’t really have the time to be cranking out long blog posts: it’s much easier just to print silly pictures of what the tabloids are saying. With that in mind, here are two Fantastic Headlines published this very week.

I have mentioned before in this series about the “banality of fantasticness”. On Twitter, the Spectator’s Alex Massie posted this Daily Express front page, which may well be the most fantastically banal front page of all time.

The second headline in our “silly tabloids week” comes from the amazing, talented, beautiful… (etc etc) RedHeadFashionista, who is a fellow connoissour of rubbish printed in Britain’s newspapers:

Please send all answers on a postcard to the Daily Mail, London, England, Europe, Earth, The Solar System.

As ever, if you find any more Fantastic Headlines then please let me know by carrier pigeon, or even leave one in the comments boxes if you’re feeling very adventurous.

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