Why you should vote English Democrat in Oldham East and Saddleworth

The first post of Paperback Rioter’s Online Hustings for Oldham East and Saddleworth. As Stephen Morris, the English Democrat’s candidate for OES, was first to respond it is his article that starts us off. He is chairman of the North West branch of the English Democrats.

In 1997 after 18 years of a Tory Government the people of UK were expecting great things from Labour, after 13 years the UK and especially England is no better off. Remember these slogans: Labour: “Things can only get better”. They didn’t. “No more boom and Bust.” It busts. “Education, Education, Education.” Labour forced through tuitions fees on English students, now the Tories backed by the pledge-breaking Lib Dems with Scottish and Welsh MPs voted to increase fees on English students only.

When devolution was created one nation was left out, that nation being England. Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland have a Government or assembly to look after their interests with over 17 devolved departments, but England was left out with all UK MPs deciding her policies. We in England pay prescription charges, tuition fees, have road tolls and had Foundation Hospitals forced onto us to name a few, whilst the Scottish and Welsh governments have rejected  these for their own countries, Scottish and Welsh MPs still voted them on to the people of England, their MPs voted on a purely English issues.

The English Democrats do not want the breakup of the UK, but those nations within it should be treated equally, each nation looking after its own interests with MPs answerable to the people – that’s Democracy.

We want a free and fair education system; our young people are our future. We would abolish tuition fees and ensure that standard of education was raised in our schools. We would ensure that our history was taught in schools as well as making sure there was a return of discipline and order.

We believe that natural resources should be used in a way which gives due consideration to the long-term consequences. We preserve our countryside for future generations as it is part of our rich national heritage and cannot be replaced.

We want a referendum on our current relationship with the E.U. the people of England have never had a vote on the current arrangements where our laws and soon our taxes will be decided by the E.U. bureaucrats.  We would support the withdrawal from the political processes of the E.U. but advocate being part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), in a global economy we should be free to trade throughout the world and not tied to the E.U, this works for Norway and Switzerland.

We would put a stop to mass Immigration, the provision of our public services works on projections of the population, if we have no control then those projections become irrelevant and those public services will show considerable strain, affecting our workers and the quality of services they provide.

We need MPs that will put England First! Not Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland or the E.U. English MPs who are committed to restoring our industry and will protect the front line public services in England and give our children the free and fair education that they deserve.

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