Why you should vote Bus Pass Elvis in Oldham East and Saddleworth

Our fifth instalment of the online hustings comes from David Bishop of the Bus Pass Elvis Party. He has kindly written a sonnet, and also attached his latest leaflet. Take it away David!

The Buss Pass Elvis Party is different from most of the other UK parties because it is led by a member of the working class.

It is also different from the Labour party and the Monster Raving Loony Party in that they supported Gordon Browns’ plans to lock up terrorist suspects for 42 days without charge. David Davies resigned on the issue and called the Howden By-Election 2008 in which I stood and supported him.

Our present Party is also the only one which is campaigning to limit Britain’s population growth eg. Free condoms for OAPs like Rod Stewart – and Family Planning Clinics in Primark to curb teenage pregnancies. (see full manifesto www.grumpyoldelvis.co.uk)

I like to use my art and poetry in my campaigns. A few months ago I heard Nick Griffin on Radio 4 saying people that believed in Climate Change were “lunatics” so I emailed him a poem. He obviously didn’t read it because he emailed me back asking me to make a donation to the BNP because they are skint. Here’s the poem:

A Warning Sonnet to Nick Griffin
The icebergs are melting
Lobsters are red
Invest in a U-boat
when one crawls in your bed!
Vote Bus Pass Elvis Ah-Huh-Huh!

Visit our Website and Lord Biro’s Art Work, Saatchi Gallery

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