Oldham East and Saddleworth Online Hustings

You can tell it’s squeaky bum time in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election. Almost every Labour activist I follow on Twitter seemed to be campaigning there this weekend. There’s quite a few Lib Dems oop North as well.

 I mentioned earlier this week that I will be hosting an “online hustings” on this blog for the by-election. I asked every candidate (apart from the BNP) to write an article of no more than 500 words saying why we should vote for their party. Four candidates have replied with an article, and I have prominent bloggers from four other parties with a blog. There’s no word yet from the Monster Raving Looney Party: if you are readng this, there’s still time if you want to write an article!

I have not invited the BNP to take part in this because I don’t want my blog being used as a platform for their views. Should you wish to read more about the BNP candidate, there is an interview with him on the Saddleworth News website. Left Foot Forward have an article about him too, which is less than complimentary.

I shall be posting the eight articles on this blog in the order in which I received them, so:

Monday: English Democrats; Green Party, Pirate Party.

Tuesday: Liberal Democrats, Bus Pass Elvis, UKIP.

Wednesday: Labour, Conservative.

UPDATE – The posts have started to go up on the blog; I’ve linked to them from this post as well for ease of finding them.

The articles tomorrow won’t be published until late afternoon/early evening, because I have a Primary Teaching course tomorrow and that, understandably, comes first.

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