First thoughts on Cablegate (type 2)

What on earth did Vince Cable think he was doing? Is that how he talks to all his constituents? As far as he knew, they were two mothers asking questions about child benefit. Perhaps all Cable’s constituency meetings take a decidedly queer turn:

Random constituent of Vince Cable: I’ve come to see you about my neighbour’s garden hedge. It’s grown to a massive height, it’s invading my garden, and it’s blocking light to my prize rhododendrons…

Vince Cable: That’s very interesting. It’s a battle between you and your neighbour isn’t it? But is this the isue you really want to fight over? I’m having to pick my fights in this coalition. Did I mention I’m going to war with Rupert Murdoch….

And so it goes.

The circumstances of this conversation being leaked are interesting, to say the least. Michael White reckons it might have broken parliamentary privilege. I’m not sure on this, and even if it is a breach, it was still massively indiscreet of Cable to be mentioning a “war on Murdoch” to his constituents.

There are lots of sorry things about this issue that need to be addressed; not least Labour’s response, who rather than try and show some opposition to Murdoch have gone in for a spot of Lib Dem bashing instead.

The worst thing now is that Jeremy Hunt is now in charge of the Media and Communcations Portfolio. He seems to think that the BBC has a left wing bias.

The reason Hunt gives for the left-wing slant of the BBC is because more people at the Corporation voted Labour and Lib Dem then did Tory at the last election. Then again, so did most of the country, so not quite sure how he’s going to make political capital out of that.

Thank you Vince and your great big gob. Was it too much to ask that you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and then veto the BSkyB takeover? Obviously it was. You daft ‘apeth.

Ed Miliband has got it wrong. He should be calling this coalition a Murdoch-led government.

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One Response to First thoughts on Cablegate (type 2)

  1. Ben C says:

    The “Hulture Secretary” Jeremy Hunt doesn’t actually know for certain that most BBC employees voted Labour or Lib Dem- for a start the whole idea of a secret ballot is that no-one knows for certain who votes for who. Maybe Hunt would like to return to the pre-1870 days where those who voted had to stand on the hustings & proclaim who they were voting for?!

    I have briefly freelanced at the BBC (at Pebble Mill) & then worked again for a longer spell at Pebble Mill for an independant studio which were based there. I was not involved directly with current affairs or the news side of the BBC but used to see a lot going on & talked to various people in the relevant departments- from what I saw, such BBC employees acted with impartiality & political neutrality seemed to be a watch-word too. At the same time though, people should be allowed to have their own opinions & a good degree of freedom of speech & expression, which is why this “not enough tories at the BBC” ascertion by Hunt is both worrying & pretty stupid.

    The BBC were picked at & slammed regularly by the last Labour Government too- this tells me that really neither the Conservatives or Labour actually want a truly unbiased BBC, but instead want a compliant BBC as a public service mouthpiece for their party/government line. An unbiased BBC should still rightly be critical of Government policy if there appear to be things that are wrong & bad about it, & should be right to aggressively defend itself from the smears against it by Tories such as Hunt. It’s a shame most politicians seem terrified of rightly taking the Murdoch press & media to task over their many murky dealings etc though, while have no such scruples about publicly slating the BBC (& other broadcasters & media outlets).

    A lot of people who work at the BBC are also from a creative &/or Film & Video studies or Media Studies background of some sort- I can’t really speak for the Journalists or those from a Media Studies background but being someone who’s worked for the best part of a decade broadly in the creative & production side of the broadcast industry the majority of people I’ve worked with are centre to left-of-centre in their political outlook. That shouldn’t be a reason for Hunt & co to smash the BBC, & Hunt ought to realise that just because Sky is currently part-owned by the Tory ‘chum’ Murdoch, it doesn’t mean Sky TV will always be pro-Tory (Fox News is rabidly right-wing, but it’s worth remembering Fox also commissions “The Simpsons” which certainly isn’t right-wing).

    I can’t help but agree with Cable but think he’s been an utter idiot to sound off like he did & has shown the trump cards he was holding way too soon.

    Has the Torygraph been sending undercover journos to MP surgeries for Tory coalition ministers too then? No, dodn’t think so. I take it the Torygraph are more interested in breaking the coalition than stopping their bitter rival Murdoch in his tracks?

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