The Liberal Democrats: An Obituary

In affectionate remembrance of
Who died at the House of Commons
THURSDAY 9 DECEMBER 2010, at 5.41pm.
Deeply lamented by a small circle of
grieving friends and acquaintences
(although loathed by many more)
N.B. The body will be cremated and the Ashes distributed between
The Conservatives, Labour and the Greens (according to their wishes)

A friend put it best on Facebook yesterday:

Vote passes by 21 votes. This means that if the Liberal Democrats had honoured their pledge to vote against the rise in tuition fees, we would have defeated this legislation. This is an absolutely unforgiveable betrayal of their voters by Liberal Democrat MPs. I hope every one of them who ignored their election promises loses their seat. They will deserve it.

‘Nuff said.

(any relationship of this post to this may not be entirely coincidental)

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2 Responses to The Liberal Democrats: An Obituary

  1. John Galpin says:

    A very apposite post for what is a very enjoyable blog.
    Btw Nick Lowe was superb with Dave Edmunds in the seventies.I was lucky enough to see him many times although personally I’m still on a diet of milk and alcohol for which I blame him.

    • Thanks very much John for that kind comment. I am very jealous of you for seeing them live! I’ve only seen them live on youtube (sadly the videos have been deleted now) but they were smoking back in the day. Love the Dr Feelgood Reference too; not sure Nick ever recorded it himself did he?

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