Please come along to this event on Wednesday

This wonderful event is happening on Wednesday, December 8th at 6.30 in the Guild Council Chambers, Guild of Students, University of Birmingham. If you’re in Birmingham please come along.

How should we change the future of British Politics?

The University of Birmingham Fairer Votes campaign invites you all to a Question Time-style panel discussion discussing how we should change British politics.

Topics that shall be discussed include:
– Should we change our electoral system from First Past the Post?
– Should we have an elected House of Lords?
– Is there a role for the monarchy?
As well as other constitutional issues such as whether the voting age should be lowered, whether we should have a British bill of rights, etc.

The panelists are:
– Professor Colin Thain, Head of Polsis
– James McKay, Research Fellow in Contemporary History and Labour Council Candidate for Harborne
– Jonathan Pyke from the Electoral Reform Society
– Steven Haynes from the Liberal Democrats
– Daniel Cowdrill from the Conservative Party

We shall be going for drinks and a curry afterwards, please let us know on the event wall if you want to come for a meal.

Hopefully see you there!

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