More proof, if any were needed, that we are awesome

I entered Channel 4’s Britain’s Best young blogger competition, and Paperback Rioter got highly commended.

Really chuffed at this. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, and especially Hannah, who writes some pretty awesome stuff for it.

I suppose this means I need to write something now, doesn’t it?

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4 Responses to More proof, if any were needed, that we are awesome

  1. Jack Losh says:

    Hello there Paperback Rioter, greetings from your fellow blogger and C4 News runner-up, Jack Losh. Nice one with making it this far, looking forward to your future postings…

    – J

  2. hannahpaperbackrioter says:

    This is excellent news! Congratulations. I noticed Richard Bacon’s comment in the Guardian audio report about not wanting to choose a blog where the writer was “trying to sound middle aged.” This may be where we missed out on the top spot. We’re not trying, honestly, it just comes naturally! ;-).

    • M’yes, Jon Snow mentioned something similar in his blog today. Actually, one of the criteria for the award was that you had to show that you linked the news agenda to young people, which is never something I’ve tried to do. Whereas the winner’s piece does that, and does it really well I think. She’s got a good blog, a deserving winner.

      You’re right though, we can’t help sounding like middle-aged farts! 😛

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