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Brief interlude

I am off to London in about an hour to meet some wonderful people. Hence there’ll be an intermission here for about a week. Until then, may your God go with you, and I will blog when I return. Advertisements

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Our Labour Leadership Predictions

This is Cory and Hannah’s first collaborative post, as they start to morph into the Lennon and McCartney of political blogging. We jest of course: there’s no room at Paperback Rioter for that sort of hubris. Yet. Anyway, here are … Continue reading

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What the Tea Party and the British Left could learn from Tony Blair

I haven’t read A Journey yet – I will probably wait until it comes out in paperback. At the moment all I know of the book is derived from virtualstoa’s lengthly – and undoubtedly masochistic – tweet-by-tweet of it, as well … Continue reading

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‘AV it! The case for AV (part 2)

Over the past few weeks I have written, tweeted and talked about AV for more than is healthy. Still, it’s all in a good cause. I promise this will be the last post on electoral reform in a while. I … Continue reading

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Our Day Out

I spent Saturday with Hannah at the Green Conference, and this is a brief summary of what I saw. The first event was a Question and Answer session with Caroline Lucas. This was great: there are very few parties that … Continue reading

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Musial Mondays (4) – 15 Albums

There is a meme going around at the moment called 15 Albums, in which people have to name, er, 15 Albums that have stuck with them. I got tagged in this note, and here’s my list, along with a song … Continue reading

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The disturbing case of Phil Woolas

Phil Woolas doesn’t age in reverse, but his court date does start today. I’ll be keeping an eye on this, but probably won’t blog about it until the case has finished – it’s due to last five days. In the … Continue reading

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