Funny Friday (5) – “Aggers for goodness sake stop it”

It’s rather late in the summer for it, but there’s actually a Test Match at Lord’s going on at the moment. So it seems a perfect time to post one of the most famous – and funny – cricket commentary clips of all time. The late Brian Johnston starts corpsing on air, after Jonathan Agnew explains that Ian Botham was out because he “didn’t quite get his leg over”. It’s impossible not to laugh at this, probably because laughing is contagious. My favourite bit is when Agnew tries to take over from Johnston and says “Lawrence……..batted extremely well”, and then starts laughing himself. Marvellous stuff:

Now seems as good a time as ever to give a shout out to Test Match Sofa, the alternative cricket commentary, who are all very funny and do know their cricket. If you want to listen to the cricket this weekend, give them a try.

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