A worthy plug

Getting into journalism is a bloody difficult business. It’s not just that the probability of making it big is very low, but also that there are so many different ways you can try to get into journalism. Should you read journalism at university, take lots of internships, or do you throw yourself in at the deep end, writing and writing to see if you get a break?

Thankfully, there is one blog trying to find a way through this morass of options. Wannabe Hacks has only been going for about a week or so, but already has some interesting posts on it. There are four main writers, all of whom are taking different routes into journalism: one is reading a journalism degree, another is interning (currently at the New Statesman), one is freelancing and the fourth is hoping to get into investigative journalism. Two of them – “The Intern” and “The Freelancer” – I knew from my Redbrick days. In fact, I was Nick’s predecessor as Redbrick’s Features Editor, and this means that I, naturally, take all the credit for whatever success this blog has.

But seriously, there is some very good stuff on Wannabe Hacks. There’s an interesting discussion on the merits, or otherwise, of doing a journalism degree, and I particularly like Matt’s article on freelancing.

For anyone wanting to get into journalism, I’ve no doubt that this blog will become a must-read. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, because I’m very interested in seeing how the four contributors to the site get on in their journey into journalism, and which method is most successful. A site to bookmark, definately.

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