Slightly delayed Musical Mondays (2) – Graham Parker

No posts since Friday, which is the longest fallow period since the relaunch of this blog. Still, it was my birthday on Sunday and I was seeing relatives over from New Zealand on Saturday, so I hope that the loyal readers of Paperback Rioter will forgive this lapse.

You will have noticed that it’s Tuesday night, and so an odd time to have musical Mondays, but I wanted to blog about something that has restored my faith in humanity.

One of my favourite musicians is Graham Parker. I first discovered him about three or four years ago. It was probably inevitable that I’d do so – he was on Stiff Records, backed by former members of Brinsley Schwarz, produced by Nick Lowe and compared to Elvis Costello. There were too many connections to ignore him. And Graham Parker is not ignorable, once you’ve heard his songs. He was quite influential as well; I can definately hear his influence on some of Bruce Springsteen’s stuff (who provided guest vocals on one of GP’s albums). I’d even go as far to say that “Born to Run” sounds like a bad Graham Parker and the Rumour album, but that argument should probably be had another time.

The Rumour were electrifying live, as these two songs testify:

For four years filmaker Michael Gramaglia has been making working with Parker to produce a film about his life and music. However, it would be brutally expensive for this project to ever come to fruition, because, as Gramaglia explained:

This project has been a labor of love funded by my credit cards which are now, maxed out. We need to cover the expensive responsibility of showing Graham at his pinnacle with his band the Rumour for all the unfortunates who never had a chance to see them. The many clips we have compiled, are costly.

Now the project has been funded, because 326 Graham Parker fans have pledged the $47,000 needed for the project. I find this infinitely inspiring, both in terms of what people can achieve with a labour of love, and also I am in awe of the power of the internet.

If you still want to back the film (you can get an advanced copy of the DVD for $25, which is £16) you can do so here. Please give generously.

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