Musical Mondays (1) Here comes the night

Posting will probably be light this week. I’ve got my thesis to attend to, as at the moment it’s behaving like an attention-grabbing child. Then I’m going back home Thursday-Monday as it’s my birthday on Sunday.

Meanwhile, here’s the first of a (hopefully) series of posts on music that I like. I will warn you in advance though, these posts may contain folk music, or even country music, so the narrow-minded might be offended.

I have spent many fine evenings with my parents in Hebden Bridge Trades Club, where Steve Tilston has run a monthly acoustic folk night for about eighteen months or so. The best of those nights have been collected onto a CD which is well worth a buy for an introduction to the music of Tilston, Michael Chapman, Jez Lowe or Clive Gregson. And they’re just a few of the great artists strutting their stuff on it.

Usually Steve Tilston does a few songs before the headlining artist to get the crowd in the mood. This song is one he usually opens with, and it therefore seemed fitting to start this series with this song. It’s one of my favourite-ever songs, “Here comes the night”:

If you liked that then check out his latest album, Ziggurat, which is excellent. It’s on Spotify, so if you have an account then have a listen.

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