Fantastic headlines, no 5

Number five in our series comes from the excellent football magazine When Saturday Comes. If you have any interest in the economics or politics of football, please subscribe to it.

“Three badgers on a shirt”

This is an well-argued article for replacing the “Three Lions” on the England strip with the “Three Badgers”.

The three lions are one of the factors inflating our expectations. And each time we are disappointed, wondering why our lions have let us down. So let us admit that we are not lions, and probably never have been, and instead adopt an emblem that more accurately reflects the true global status of our team. Enter the badger. He’s as indigenous as they come, having lived and thrived in England for thousands of years. Like English people, but unlike lions, the badger is home loving and spends hours, if not days, at a time indoors. More encouragingly, the badger is strong, determined, brave and surprisingly fast, though for short distances only.

We should start a campaign. Maybe start a Facebook group, that’d show we’re really serious.

If you have any suggestions for Fantastic Headlines, please let me know.

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2 Responses to Fantastic headlines, no 5

  1. Don’t people gas badgers if they annoy them?

  2. I suppose so. There are some people, although I certainly couldn’t count myself amongst them, who might say that’s what should happen to the England football team after their world cup showing. That seems a bit harsh to me – I think putting them in the stocks and throwing rotten fruit at them would be much more apt 😉

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