Have you heard about The Silence?

I’ve missed tonight’s episode because I returned late from cricket, but if you have a spare few hours this weekend you could do worse than watch The Silence  which has been on BBC1 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.

It’s a drama about a deaf girl who witnesses a murder. Genevieve Barr, who plays Ameila, is actually deaf herself, and gives a fantastic performance. The supporting cast is good too – there’s the always wonderful Gina McKee, and Douglas Henshall (the guy from that so-awful-it’s-fantastic Primeval, who looks disturbingly like Paul Collingwood). It’s these performances, plus the sub-plot of Ameilia ‘learning to listen’ after getting her cochlea implant, that make this a thriller worth watching if you get the chance.

This review is an interesting take from someone who is deaf. Obviously there’s a mix of views in the comments, and not everything about the programme is realistic, but if you are unsure what to watch on telly now that the World Cup’s over then just reach for the i-player…

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