A License to Write

Via Norman Geras, I found this site that analyses your writing and says whose writing style you best resemble. And apparently:

I write like
Ian Fleming

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

…which is nice to know. Not sure how they come up with that conclusion (it’s obviously not scientific, just a bit of fun)  and, shamefully, I’ve never actually finished an Ian Fleming novel. They’re about 5000th on the “to read” list. I wonder what makes the writing style resemble Ian Fleming? The terse sentences. It’s certainly because this blog is full of sex and violence.

Incidentally, I put Hannah’s post into the analysing guru and it says that she writes like Stephen King. Perhaps meaning that this site is the most thrilling political blog.

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3 Responses to A License to Write

  1. Hannah says:

    Stephen King LOL, I’ve no idea where I could have picked that up!

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