Vice-chancellor continue to pile on the pounds

When I was news editor of Redbrick in 2006 we ran a story about our VC’s salary. If I remember rightly, his salary was around £260,000 a year.

Now it’s £310,000, according to the Birmingham Post.

This means that over four years, the VC’s salary has increased by fifty grand. This could pay for two lecturers. It could pay for  one person to do their Phd, complete with salary. It could pay for four auxiliary staff – cleaners, reception staff, administrators and so on.

We haven’t had a great deal of inflation over four years, so why do we continue to keep paying those at the top of companies more money?

The usual response is that they have large budgets to look out for. Except now our VC is paid twice as much as the Secretary of State for Education, who has a slightly bigger budget to handle.

Besides, Birmingham will shortly have to face up to making 25% cuts thanks to the wonderful new Budget. Will the VC’s salary drop by that much, in recognition of the reduced budget he will have to manage? I doubt it somehow.

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