And they’re off!

So Gordon Brown finally called the election yesterday. From February it always looked as though that was going to be the case. When it was clear Brown wouldn’t call an early election despite the Conservative’s dip in the polls, May 6th was the “official unofficial” date. He’s left it as long as he practically could have done, which is probably due to a combination of both his indecisiveness and the fact that he’s waited thirteen years to be Prime Minister, dammit, and won’t give up the chance to relinquish this job for any reason whatsoever.

I was watching the coverage on News 24 yesterday morning while I was packing to go home. Brown hadn’t gone into Buckingham Palace yet, but Cameron and Clegg were still continuing the phoney war, making speeches outside their home.

Watching News 24 is a bit like having a conversation with your grandparents: “David Cameron said that he’s delighted the General Election campaign has begun”. I know Huw, you said that 10 minutes ago.

“Nick Clegg said that there’s a real choice between the failed politics of Labour and the Conservatives and the new politics of the Liberal Democrats”. Yes Huw, you said that 5 minutes ago.

I left home before the campaign was officially announced. But it’s going to be an exciting and very intriguing next few weeks. PWQs in a few minutes is going to be very interesting.

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